Clients said it

« Orphoz ability to show and teach people, from top management to people on the shop floor, in a very practical way, is very useful. »
Director – Investment fund

« I would recommend Orphoz because I am fully convinced that Orphoz consultants are able to work both in industry and services and also small companies and big groups. »
Industrial Director – Luxury industry

« I find that Orphoz consultants fully understand what is happening on the ground. The recommendations are very simple and logical, based on the assessment made in the field, and will be easy to implement. »
Plant Director – Aerospace industry

« Other consulting firms tend to leave us after giving general recommendations. Orphoz realized that we needed more support and they accompanied us in the field. »
CEO – Tourism industry

« In addition to your excellent work, Orphoz team came with a very positive team spirit which was missing in our team. »
Project Manager – Public institution

« I really do measure all the work done, its quality and its subtlety. It will really help us. »
Operation Director – Pharmaceutical industry

« Orphoz consultants are sensitive to what drives people, what motivates them and take that into account in the approach definition but also in their relation with us. »
Project manager – Healthcare