Large-scale deployment

Orphoz’s support on transformation projects goes beyond the pilot stage, and extends to a large scale transformation deployment if needed.

This implies a specific approach tailored to each situation and context, a need-based flexible support and a worldwide coverage.

LarGE scale deployment

4 success factors

  • Win teams over

    Stakeholders in different sites, business units and/or functions must be convinced of the need for change and the potential for improvement
  • Facilitate the solution’s acceptance

    A large spectrum of communication tools, workshops, training sessions and other acceptance tools will help convince people that the solution, not designed by themselves, is the right one
  • Use a simple solution

    A simple solution allows for an easy implementation and a massive deployment success
  • Count on local teams

    Local management or local teams must deploy locally as they possess ground knowledge and know their teams

4 deployment approaches

  • Unit deployment

    The central team and change agents deploy simultaneously
  • Sequential deployment

    The central team deploys the transformation sequentially through different sites, regions or business units at a constant pace
  • Big Bang deployment

    The central team trains and coaches a large group of change agents, then executes a big-bang style deployment
  • Exponential deployment

    The central team and change agents deploy the approach at an increasingly rapid pace as the size of the deployment team increases