Capability building adapted to client needs

The objective of capability building is to improve people’s competencies

Orphoz trainers adapt their programs to projects, businesses or activities, and functions, while using innovative educational tools and media. In addition, Orphoz trainers combine a strong operational experience, a deep functional expertise and proven abilities in training, which makes them effective and comfortable both in classes and individual coaching sessions.

Depending on the needs of the company and the changes it undergoes, two capability building objectives can be considered.

A first objective is to continuously improve individual competencies on specific topics in order to develop and sustain the capability of the whole organization.

In this case, Orphoz designs and delivers tailored modules from 1 to 10 days on the topic requested, or training journeys combining a set of modules spread over several weeks or months.

The second objective is specific to a transformation. The need of the organization is then to improve stakeholders group skills, behavior and mindset on specific topics and to disseminate the new targeted vision.

In this case, Orphoz proposes a set of modules to prepare the coming transformation program. Orphoz also offers full transformation support through design, coordination and running of training courses.

Selection of capability building projects

Continuous capability improvement

Tailored module


Design and deliver a 6-day training session on supply chain management with basics principles, flow management, team management, and benchmark visits


Metal industry

Training journey


Redesign and deliver each year a « Green Belt » Lean Six Sigma capability building journey for 500 trainees over 14 weeks



Support a transformation

Pre-transformation support


Design and run a 8-day training program in preparation of a transformation program led by 50 change leaders


Public sector

Full transformation support


Design and run a 3-day training program every second week in one site per continent


Oil & Gas

Blended learning

For any of these objectives and archetypes, Orphoz uses a ‘blended learning’ approach to reach each stakeholder and optimize her/ his learning experience. By selecting the most relevant learning methods, training delivery is fully tailored in terms of geography, scale and time and the best trade-off between costs and quality is reached.

Discover an e-learning example :


In-person solutions

  • Class room training
  • One-on-one/cohort-based coaching
  • Project-based work

Blended learning

‘Blended learning’ means using the right combination of in-person and technology-based solutions to provide each trainee with the relevant content exactly when needed


Technology-based solutions

  • Remote support for learning, e.g
  • eLearning courses & simulations
  • Tools for knowledge creation, sharing, and social networking
  • Support for managing ongoing individual learning

Capability Center Lyon (CCL)

Orphoz and McKinsey, in partnership with Lyon engineering schools, has developed different platforms to train you to operational excellence and Lean Management in Lyon.

Partnership with ECAM engineering school


Manufacturing model factory :

A 400 m² workshop


Model office :

A 150 m² rooms to illustrate different services operations situations

Partnership with ISARA engineering school


Process model factory :

A 200 m² food platform

Example of Training Type

The example hereunder is a 2-day training agenda at the Model office. The 2-day training mixes working class, simulation and synthesis to bring the trainees to the full understanding of the topic. During the simulations, participants alternately play roles of back-office operator, manager and observer.