Orphoz, talents developer

A career accelerator

An executive’s ability to lead through change – including its human dimension – and to obtain measurable results within a team are skills that are very much in demand, and therefore valued. They will keep a central role in an operational executive’s job even in a professional world where technological transfers are speeding up and some skills are on the verge of becoming obsolete. Orphoz acts as an exceptional « transformation academy » thanks to the diversity and the level of issues at stakes of interventions, and thanks to the quality of the people (clients/coworkers/partners). 

A constant companionship

Orphoz functions on a tried-and-true professional development model: a strong supervising rate allows for frequent exchanges and for a true proximity with « seniors » during interventions, coaching, mentorship and regular and objective feedback are written in its culture. Besides, joint interventions with McKinsey offer multiple chances to test out and enrich one’s skillset.

A stimulating entrepreneurial model

Orphoz combines the advantages of a « start-up » - light hierarchy, autonomy, freedom of expression and initiative – and those of a large group – available resources to develop one’s projects, logistical support. Everyone is therefore encouraged to bring their stone to a building that is still under construction and where everyone can find their place.

A flourishing environment

The welcoming and genuine atmosphere that prevails within Orphoz allows to make business enjoyable. Every Orphoz employee knows he or she can count on the loyal support of the others.