Working at Orphoz ...

If I hadn’t worked at Orphoz I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of moving mountains like for instance driving a 3 year transformation program impacting hundreds of people.
Since I’ve been at Orphoz I have changed my opinion about small companies: we evolve in a Firm where there is a lot of flexibility, where we can have a real impact on the development of our activity. It really is a positive novelty for me.
While working at Orphoz – and it hasn’t been very long – my first project allowed me to understand that I was gifted at synthesizing clients’ issues which I didn’t know in the first place. For me it might have been something rather difficult at the beginning but it’s turned out to be a strength and everything is going very well!
Since I have been at Orphoz I feel more serene about my professional career path. I see myself spending a few more years here. I think I have found the right job at this stage in my career.

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